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They have such a good variety of used auto parts. I went to them with a friend to find some car parts for my damaged car and was surprised to find whatever i was looking for and very easily.
I called a lot of local scrap car removal companies but only Edmonton Junk Car Removal offered me so much money. Great deal!
I have been meaning to get rid of my wrecked vehicle for a while but was not able to find a company to do it for me for FREE until I found these guys. Finally i got rid of my car and that even without any cost to me!

About Junk Car Removal

We will pay you cash today for the vehicle! Edmonton Scrap Cars is the only call you need to make. Call 780-651-7142 for a price and get the cash you need for the vehicle’s title. It is easy, quick and includes free towing. We service Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc, Beaumont, Devon, Stony Plain and Spruce Grove and surrounding areas. Get cash for clunkers in Edmonton today with a junk car quote from edmontonjunkcarremoval.biz. If your ride has body damage, is broken down or wrecked, we will buy it! That’s what we do 7 days a week. We buy junk cars! Grab your car’s title and let Edmonton Scrap Cars handle it. The largest “cash for cars” buyer in Edmonton is available 7 days a week. If scrapping a car in Edmonton, we are where to scrap your car. Need cash for a car in Edmonton? Looking to scrap a junk a car in Edmonton? Call now for current scrap car prices, when it comes to car scrapping in the Edmonton area, Edmonton Scrap Cars is the scrap auto buyer you need. The largest scrap vehicle buyer and auto scrap buyer in the area. The original junk vehicle buyer and scrap car buyer in Edmonton. 

At Edmontonjunkcarremoval.biz, auto wrecking is what we do and we provide free towing service to our junk yard.

Why choose Edmonton junk car removal?

There are so many companies in the market now that it becomes difficult to decide which company to choose. Many at times people ask us why do we need junk car removal services? Many cities have by laws where any junk lying in plain sight, be it a junk car or clunker, that is affecting the beauty or the city or the neighbourhood can be liable for penalties. Each city and neighborhood is different in terms of its laws. We offer affordable junk car removal services in Edmonton making us a popular choice in the area. We offer highest cash value for your junk auto making it a profitable transaction for you. What are junk car removal services? When an old car or clunker becomes useless to its owner, companies such as ours offer FREE towing and junk car removal services. We also offer top dollars for your old vehicle and remove the automobile to scrap yard in Edmonton.